Myers-Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) Master Class

Heighten Your Self-Awareness, Allowing for Greater Self-Management

Have you wondered why some people seem to speak before they think while others ponder so long before speaking? Or why are some individuals focused on every detail while other individuals only care about the ‘big picture’? There are some other differences you may have noticed among friends, family and team members:

  • Organized vs. disorganized
  • Oriented towards deadlines vs. general time frames
  • Chatty vs. just the facts
  • Loner vs. life of the party

MBTI is a widely recognized instrument dedicated to creating heightened self-awareness about individual personality styles related to energy directions, perceptions, lifestyles and judgments. The MBTI was designed to implement the theories of Carl G. Jung and focuses on four personality preference areas:

  • Introversion – Extroversion (I-E)
  • Intuitive – Sensing (N-S)
  • Thinking – Feeling (T-F)
  • Perceiving – Judging (P-J)

We use the MBTI to recognize and appreciate the diverse personality types within a team. Generally, on a team there are different kinds of people who like different things and who are good at different things. These differences may create challenges when team members experience difficulties in understanding each other. In a team setting, the use of the MBTI can be a very powerful intervention to increase individual and team effectiveness.

The goal of this initial Master Class is to motivate participants to understand their own personality type and be open to share their type with their teammates. The desired outcome is heightened self-awareness for greater self-management.

  • To highlight the differences through experiential exercises of the four preference pairs.
  • To enable participants to understand their own MBTI typology preference (four-letter type) and increase their self-awareness.
  • To reinforce openness and self-awareness.
  • To enable participants to understand how the various typologies fit into the workings of an organization and team.

Who Should Attend?

Ideally, all participants should form an intact work team(s); however, individuals may attend to gain individual awareness of their preferences. We have found that having between 10 and 50 participants in each Master Class makes for the highest level of learning and collaboration. Each participant will have some prework required before they can take part in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBIT) Master Class.

We will provide the MBTI preference test booklets as well as answer sheets for Form M. Established in 1998; Form M consists of 92 questions, which each participant must complete within one week of the Master Class. There are no right or wrong answers to the questions. QPC Inc. will hand score the answer sheets and enter the raw data into our database. We’ll generate written reports that focus on your team type and mode.

Sample Outline and Duration for the MBTI Master Class

Here is a brief list describing the intensity of this ½ day to full day Master Class:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • History
    • Current use and application
  • Eight Preferences
    • Understanding the attributes and functions
    • Exercises for each dichotomy
  • Receive and Validate Your MBTI Results
  • Team Activity(s)
  • Kiersey’s Temperaments (Optional)
  • Ground Rules for Team Effectiveness
  • Next Steps

Feedback and Self-Validation

Each participant will receive:

  • A confidential and customized profile of their MBTI type preferences and the Kiersey’s Temperament (tw0 -letter preference combinations).
  • A thorough description of the type(s) from Type Talk, Type Talk at Work, reprinted with permission from Otto Kroeger and Janet M. Thuesen.
  • Other supplementary information/books are available for an additional cost.

A critical component to the MBTI is the self-validation of the test. Kristin will be available to coach and counsel each participant to discover their preferences.

Learning Assessment

One month after the Master Class, all participants will complete a follow-on, web-based questionnaire to gauge learning and application to the workplace. This will allow us to see the areas where our past participants are making the most improvements and how to implement new strategies for the upcoming Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Master Class.

Customized Master Classes

Designed and customized to meet your specific needs, our Master Classes provide the best possible experience for executives, managers, team leaders, facilitators and individual members of your team.

Client’s Rave…

Her training skills are top-notch, her enthusiasm infectious, and she easily turned our skeptics (including me) into team building advocates! We’re still raving about it a year later!

Capitan Bill Belden

Captain Bill Belden, Program Manager, U.S. Naval Air Systems Team

We are still flying high after our wonderful weekend seminar on Building Extraordinary Teams. Our focus is clear, our spirits high, and our minds are ready to meet the challenges that will help us build better teams.

Girl Scouts

Thelma Norman, Field Services Director, Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast

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