Discover the Tools to Create Teams and Organizations that Provide the Highest Probability of Success

The Kolbe Team Success™ Master Class

This Master Class introduces a way to help find good ‘people’ and create teams and organizations that provide the highest probability of success. In other words, “better their best”. QPC’s Certified Kolbe Specialist, Kristin Arnold, introduces you to the Kolbe Index, a tool to inventory the creative energy on project teams.

Historically businesses use assessment tools that measure IQ or personality to select, train, and manage people. Unlike these tools, the Kolbe measures the individual’s instinctive approach, -that ‘gut feeling’ approach to creative problem solving.

Our Master Class shows you how to discover and use the instinctive talents that we all have in varying degrees. We explore how to use those talents to encourage behaviors that build on individual strengths and take advantage of individual differences while achieving the team and company goals. Ultimately that means improved overall team performance, job satisfaction and increased productivity.

Learning Objectives for The Kolbe Team Success™ Master Class

  • Understand the Kolbe Indices and vocabulary with focus on the distinctions of the 4 modalities of human instinct. (Instinct to probe, pattern, innovate and demonstrate)
  • Enable participants to understand their own MO -measures of the cognitive dimension of the mind.
  • Learn how to use instinctive talents consistently and effectively to position people in the best jobs, reduce stress, and improve communication.
  • Enable participants to understand how the 4 modalities fit into the workings of an organization and team.

Who Should Attend?

This Master Class is designed for executives, managers, facilitators and team leaders. We have found that having between 10 and 25 participants in each Master Class makes for the highest level of learning and collaboration. Each participant will have some prework required before they can take part in The Kolbe Team Success™ Master Class.

We will provide web access to the Kolbe Index A, 36-questions that validate natural strengths and the Kolbe Index B, 24-questions that define self-expectations of job performance. These must be completed within one week of the Master Class.

Each participant will receive an 11-page color report of the results. The business/team leader will receive an additional report that summarizes the Kolbe A and B results.

Sample Outline and Duration for The Kolbe Team Success™ Master Class

Here is a brief list describing the intensity of this ½ day to full day Master Class:

Sample Outline for ½ day Master Class:

  • Introduction
    • Goals
    • History
  • Kolbe Concept
    • Three parts of the mind
    • Creative process
    • 12 methods of creative problem solving
    • 4 action modes/3 zones
  • Individual Interpretations
  • Strain with Individuals

Continued Master Class into one full day:

  • One half day Master Class session
  • Leadership Strategies
  • Synergy Leadership Reports
  • Coaching Creative Problem Solving
  • Team Selection Process
  • Personal Applications

Client’s Rave…

Using the Kolbe System has made the difference between a mediocre management team – and one that works together and wins all the time.

Richard Weden
American Express, Russia

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