Become Proficient in the Necessary Team Facilitation Skills

Facilitation Skills for Project and Team-Based Environment Master Class

Are you a project manager looking for tips, insights and techniques to enhance your facilitation skills? If so; you are exactly where you need to be. Our Facilitation Skills for Project & Team Based Environments Master Class is designed to enable all participants to become proficient in the necessary skills of team facilitation.

Facilitation skills are in great demand as organizations become more heavily involved in a team environment. The success of any team is directly related to the ability of the facilitator or meeting leader to guide the team toward a common goal.

We will provide 5 key strategies to help you, the project manager, have more effective meetings with your team members and resolve those complex situations that every project manager routinely faces. This Master Class will show you how to achieve significant results, using an effective and efficient process while maintaining relationships along the way.

This Master Class will provide you with the skills and knowledge to facilitate any team meeting. In this Master Class, you will discover how to:

  • Increase the quality of group decisions
  • Increase group commitment to decisions
  • Enhance relationships among team members
  • Decrease time of effective implementation
  • Achieve group harmony and collaboration

Master Class Approach

Our Master Class approach relies on a facilitative style, modeling the behaviors and tools for successful facilitation for project managers. Key content is reinforced with printed materials and practice facilitations allowing for fast learning and simple implementation.

Who Should Attend?

This Master Class is for any manager, team leader or team member involved in team-based projects. We have found that having between 8 and 18 project manager participants in each Master Class makes for the highest level of learning and collaboration.

Each participant will have some prework required before they can take part in the Facilitation Skills for Project & Team Based Environments Master Class. This prework consists of a web-based pre-Master Class survey that will help us clarify and classify the specific needs of each participant so that we can host the most effective and efficient Master Class imaginable.

Sample Outline for the Facilitation Skills for Project & Team Based Environments Master Class

  • Typical Facilitation Situations
  • Facilitation: Defined
  • Team Building
  • Setting Teams Up for Success: Chartering
  • Basic Facilitation Skills
  • Extraordinary Teams
  • Planning: They Key to a Great Meeting
  • Prevention Strategies
  • Generating Robust Discussion
  • Communication Styles
  • Making Informed Decisions
  • Intervening Gracefully
  • Managing Conflict Constructively
  • Team Troubleshooting
  • Maintaining Momentum
  • Balanced Focus/Next Steps

Learning Assessment

One month after the Master Class, all participants will complete a follow-on, web-based questionnaire to gauge learning and application to the workplace. This will allow us to see the areas where our past participants are making the most improvements and how to implement new strategies for the upcoming Facilitation Skills for the Project Manager Master Classes.

Customized Master Classes

Designed and customized to meet your specific needs, our Master Classes provide the best possible experience for executives, managers, team leaders, facilitators and individual members of your team.

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