Facilitation Process Tools and Techniques

Create an Efficient and Effective Process for Facilitation

Facilitators focus on process,  the way the team achieves result, versus the content, the specific body of knowledge that the team is talking about.  Effective facilitators become expert craftsmen, pulling out just the right tool at just the right time.

This two day master class will:

  • Enable participants to create an efficient and effective process to facilitate the team from a starting point to conclusion.
  • A myriad  of techniques to bring a group back on track.

All participants will complete a web-based pre-workshop questionnaire.  Facilitative in style, the two day class will model the behaviors and tools for a successful meeting with the content reinforced with printed material.  Everyone in this workshop will participate in a “hands on” practice facilitation of a problem-solving tool and will give and receive feedback.

 Who Should Attend

Novice facilitators who have had some basic facilitator training, as well as journeyman facilitators who want more extensive experience and learning into the wide world of process tools and intervention techniques should attend this master class.

The class is ideal for a maximum of 18 and a minimum of 12.

Sample Outline

  • Definition of Facilitation Tools
    • Process Tools
    • Generation Tools
    • Organization Tools
    • Action Tools
  • Intervention Techniques
    • Escalation Strategies
    • Interventions
    • Team Troubleshooting
  • Putting It All Together

Learning Assessment

One month after the Master Class, all participants will complete a follow-on, web-based questionnaire to gauge learning and application to the workplace. This will allow us to see the areas where our past participants are making the most improvements and how to implement new strategies for the upcoming Facilitation Tools and Techniques Master Class.

Client’s Rave…

I have had several opportunities to use the tips, tricks, and tools that you presented in your workshop…and [my next] Steering Committee meeting went extremely well, far exceeding my expectations.

Leigh Baudreau

Leigh Baudreau Sr. Manager, Railinc

I must tell you, on Friday I co-facilitated a meeting for our VP and her direct reports. When it came time to discuss action items, I jumped up, grabbed several markers, and got them on task. I think in the 45 minutes I had the floor I must have used five or six techniques I learned in our session.

Caterpillar, Inc.

Sandi J. Biagini, Technical Services Division HR Consultant, Caterpillar, Inc.

More Testimonials

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