Advanced Facilitation Skills Master Class

Refine Your Facilitation Skills, Identify Difficult Situations and Practice How to Handle them Effectively

The success of any team is directly related to the ability of a facilitator, meeting leader or team members to guide the team toward the goal. As a seasoned facilitator, you have seen the team’s synergy work, and you are hungry to learn more.

The Advanced Facilitation Skills Master Class is a two-day Master Class – specifically designed with YOU, the seasoned facilitator, in mind. In this Master Class we will build on your current facilitation skills, and we will clarify what facilitators do and what they do not do. We will work to refine your skills, identify difficult situations and practice how to deal with those situations effectively.

We will strengthen your core facilitation competencies using:

  • Facilitated discussions.
  • Role-play.
  • Role reversal.
  • Case studies.
  • Exercises.
  • Behavioral facilitation modeling.

Additionally there will be a videotaped “hands-on” practice facilitation of a discussion about teams. You will receive substantial feedback in a private session with a master facilitator.

Master Class Approach

Our Master Class approach relies on a facilitative style, modeling the behaviors and tools of a skilled facilitator. Key content is reinforced with printed materials and practice facilitations allowing for fast learning and simple implementation.

Who Should Attend?

This Master Class is designed for experienced facilitators, team leaders, and trainers who want to improve their facilitation skills in working with teams. We have found that having between 12 and 16 participants in each Master Class makes for the highest level of learning and collaboration. Each participant will have some prework required before they can take part in the Advanced Facilitation Skills Master Class. This prework consists of a web-based pre-Master Class survey that will help us clarify and classify the specific needs of each participant so that we can host the most effective and efficient Master Class imaginable.

Sample Outline and Duration for the Advanced Facilitation Skills Master Class

Here is a brief list describing the intensity of this two day Master Class:

  • Use Effective Icebreakers
  • Review Basic Facilitator Skills
  • What Makes a Great Facilitator?
  • Adding to Your Facilitator Tool kit
  • Facilitation – Real Job vs. Job Title
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Neutral Process Facilitation – Myth or Reality?
  • Using Process and Content Models
  • Managing Change Dealing with Conflict

Learning Assessment

One month after the Master Class, all participants will complete a follow-on, web-based questionnaire to gauge learning and application to the workplace. This will allow us to see the areas where our past participants are making the most improvements and how to implement new strategies for the upcoming Advanced Facilitation Skills Master Classes.

Customized Master Classes

Designed and customized to meet your specific needs, our Master Classes provide the best possible experience for executives, managers, team leaders, facilitators and individual members of your team.

Client’s Rave…

I have completed two other facilitation courses by national organizations and found yours to be by far superior both in content and delivery.

Kay Freidinger

Kay Freidinger, Director, Missouri Department of Revenue

Kristin does an excellent job at facilitation and team training! I have used and continue to use the lessons learned from your facilitation classes in all areas of my work.

John Wilson

John Wilson, Director of Operations, Colpal, Inc.

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