Team Building

Galvanize Your Team to Higher Levels of Performance

Team Building with Kristin ArnoldOur approach to building teams (vs. rah-rah team building) combines coaching, training, and process facilitation within the context of working real issues.  We have rarely found it useful to treat “team building” as a separate and distinct activity.  For a team that wants to improve performance, we would work together on a specific issue, problem, or project.

It is working together on a real issue, in a collaborative setting, that builds the team.

Depending on the issues and timeframes, we typically suggest a highly interactive approach geared specifically toward building the team.

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Kristin’s Process

There are no one-size-fits-all meeting plans here. Kristin uses a 4-step process to create and facilitate meetings that are customized to your outcomes, company culture, and the players involved.

1. Get Ready

Kristin talks with the meeting sponsor and gets crystal clear on the objectives. She’ll help you turn your general ideas into targeted deliverables.  She typically start with a team assessment and/or interviews to determine what is going on in the team.  Especially if there are some “unsaid” issues around trust and work styles, gathering information from the individuals in a safe environment is critical.

2. Design the Meeting

Based on the team assessment results, we will design a session tailored to meet the specific needs of the team.  The design may have the following key group process elements included:

  • Clear Goals
  • Defined Roles
  • Open and Clear Communication
  • Effective Decision-Making
  • Balanced Participation
  • Valued Diversity
  • Managing Conflict
  • Positive Atmosphere
  • Cooperative Relationships
  • Participative Leadership

We may also choose to use an assessment to recognize and appreciate team diversity as well as the challenges that same diversity may create.  In a team setting, the use of these assessments can be a very powerful intervention to increase individual and team effectiveness.

The result? A meeting uniquely tailored to your group, that engages participants and gets your goals accomplished.

3. Facilitate the Meeting

Kristin facilitates a focused conversation to clarify and gain consensus on work expectations among the group – while keeping things high-energy and on track. As a team, we reinforce the strengths and “work” through the areas for improvement.  (That’s the “real work” that becomes the basis for the dialogue).  During the meeting, she captures action steps as they arise. At the end, she confirms any agreed-upon action items that need to be done, and who is accountable for them – reinforcing what individuals commit to in order to improve their team’s work.

4. Follow Up

Your meeting is only as good as the actions that come from it. Kristin ensures there’s a structure in place so you can maintain and sustain momentum.  After the session, she creates a report summarizing the work accomplished and actions forward.  She also evaluate the session with you to create next steps.

Clients Rave…

Kristin consistently provides outstanding results. Her expertise in diagnostics and recommendations for self-directed work teams is excellent, and she is also a master at facilitating difficult discussions.


Donna Speller Turner, Performance Consultant
NASA Langley Research Center

We are still flying high after our wonderful weekend workshop on Building Extraordinary Teams. Our focus is clear, our spirits high, and our minds are ready to meet the challenges that will help us build better teams.


Thelma Normann Field Services Director Girl Scout Council of Colonial Coast

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