Layout 1

Typical Room Set-Up


If the session has less than twenty people, set the tables and chairs in a standard “U-shape” configuration, preferably with the entrance door at the base of the “U”. If easels are used, place them at the opening of the “U”.


Layout 2
If the session has between 20-50 people, set the tables and chairs in rounds of eight.

If the session has more than 50 people, use audience-centered seating, depending on the room configuration.

If easels are used, place them at the front of the room, with the entrance door at the back of the room.



Projection Screen

If multimedia is used, place the screen at the front left of the room, and a small table for the laptop to be placed in a non-conspicuous place in the room. I bring my own Mac laptop, dongle and wireless remote.



If the session has more than 100 people, you will need a riser so the participants can see what is happening in the front of the room. When setting up the riser:

  • The distance from the first row of seats/table to the riser should be no more than 10 feet.
  • The ideal riser height for audiences of up to 200 people is 6″ to 12″. For larger audiences (more than 200 people), the riser should be 12″ to 24″ in height.

Chart Paper

For facilitated events, Kristin’s preference is to have a flat wall at the front of the room to pre-post chart paper for easy use. Unfortunately, not all rooms are configured this way! So two easels with chart paper is lovely. Kristin isn’t too picky – she’ll use any kind of paper you give her…although she IS¬†picky about tape used to post the chart paper. Kristin does not use masking tape. She uses 3M drafting tape so as not to destroy the walls. If you are sensitive to this issue, you may want to provide 3M Post It Charts, or static cling sheets.

I bring my own markers – Mr. Sketch watercolor markers that do not bleed through the chart paper. They smell nice too!

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