Why Kristin Arnold is the Only Choice for Your Next Event

Are you looking for a professional speaker who’s an expert in facilitation skills, team facilitation, workplace collaboration, and teamwork and who provides practical ideas that can be implemented immediately after the presentation ends?

If so, Kristin Arnold is the only choice for you!

There are at least 6.5 reasons why Kristin would be perfect for you:

1.  Kristin focuses on the bottom line results.  She sorts through what you want and provides clarity around your desired results.

As a facilitator, consultant and trainer to over a hundred different companies, her clients have come to trust and count on her uncanny ability to clarify the complex.  One NASA client exclaimed, “Kristin, you make chicken soup out of chicken poop!”  (Of course, he used a different word for “poop”!)

2.  Kristin crafts a unique experience to help you achieve your overall objectives.  Some people say they customize, but just change a few words here and there, insert your logo, and push the “play” button.  No Kristin.  She starts with your desired results and then designs a truly unique, innovative, and interactive program to deliver on those results.  Audiences truly resonate with her practical, hands-on conversational style.

There must be a reason why more than 86 percent of the groups who hire Kristin use her services again and/or refer her to other groups!

3.  Your event is all about interaction and action.  Kristin literally “wrote the book” on making presentations engaging and interactive.  You can depend on her for sharing relevant and timely content as well as drawing out key ideas from the participants themselves.

We all know that people are much more committed to following through on a idea when they had a hand in creating that idea.  Kristin is dedicated to helping her audiences walk away with easy-to-follow action items that can be implemented immediately to produce extraordinary results.

4.  Kristin actively helps you promote your event.  We want you to fill the room, so we work with you to reach out to all of the attendees at your event. When appropriate, Kristin typically:

  • Creates a custom audio and/or video invitation you can send out to inspire people to attend your event.
  • Blogs with them, inviting questions before the event and integrating them right into the presentation. And, she will continue to blog after the event, continuing the conversation.
  • Participates in an online pre-event “chat” via Twitter.
  • Posts periodically to your Facebook event page, LinkedIn profile, or other social networking site to create a “buzz” about the event.
  • Writes a newsletter or magazine article or be interviewed for use within your organization.
  • Is available and accessible before and after the event to meet with the attendees, sign books, and/or attend the reception.

Kristin is on the leading edge of social media – and she’ll use that expertise to help you virally promote your event.

5.  Kristin is an experienced facilitator, speaker, and trainer.  With over two decades of experience facilitating and training teams in the workplace, she has worked with over a hundred different organizations, three hundred different teams, and presented to over a half a million people around the world.

Kristin is the author of several books and training programs and is on the faculty of the Schulich Education Centre at York University in Toronto, Canada.  Kristin is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), as well as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) – blending the best of two worlds to deliver an engaging and interactive experience your attendees will never forget!

6.  Kristin walks her talk. As President of the National Speakers Association (2010-11), and Downtown Hampton (VA) Development Partnership (2001-2), Kristin understands the importance of collaboration, leadership, and strategy.  She has been in your shoes and understand the challenges, complexities and rewards.

6.5  Kristin can tell a story or two.  As one of the first women graduates at the US Coast Guard Academy and the first (and only) woman stationed on a CG Cutter with 52 other men, Kristin had to learn how to be a great team player and leader!  (boy-oh-boy, has she got some stories she can tell over a beer, martini or diet Dr. Pepper – your choice!)

Hire Kristin Arnold to help ignite your team to produce extraordinary results!