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Dare to Be Different – Engage Audiences in a High Impact, Directed Conversation

Definition of a Mainstage Conversation
Today’s audiences are demanding more interaction.  And your audiences are no different.  They want to shape the presentation and interact with the speaker and with each other.  To meet this demand, Kristin Arnold has a unique format that resonates with North American audiences. Kristin is a MainStage Conversationalist™ – the intersection of two skills: Presenting and Facilitating. It’s a unique blend that engages the audience in a high impact, directed conversation about the topic.

Kristin brings forth the wisdom of the crowd – inciting interest, engagement, involvement and commitment.  She deftly moves “high concept” to action – where they can actually do something about it, literally, when they return to work.

Kristin’s mainstage conversations with CEOs, leadership teams, top performers, other conference speakers and audience members are often cited as “the best part of the conference.”


Kristin’s Process

Kristin doesn’t do a one-size-fits-all speech. She uses a 4-step process to create an interactive presentation that is customized to your outcomes, company culture, and the participants involved.

1. Get Ready

Kristin helps you get crystal clear about the subject and what you want the audience to think, feel, or do about it.  She engages the Executive Team or meeting sponsor to clarify the #1 critical issue, strategy, or initiative.  She zeros in on the behaviors needed to be successful, metrics for success, and the consequences if your organization is NOT successful.  From this initial Team Focus session, Kristin identifies 2-3 important, memorable phrases that are unique to your culture and that resonates with all of your employees.

2. Design the Meeting

Kristin designs a unique session to encourage an energizing, dynamic conversation about the topic. She engages the audience even before the presentation with social media and a “teaser” to get them ready for action!

Kristin creates an intimate conversation with a large audience using a variety of techniques to get their attention, create connections, and spark specific ideas. Kristin has 99+ proven tools and techniques to engage and interact with the audience and inspire them to action.  Here’s a small fraction of the ideas Kristin uses to ensure your message is being heard:

  • Audience Lifeline – Let’s poll the audience and find out what they believe to be true.
  • Inside the Executive’s Studio – an intimate conversation with one member of the Leadership Team who is championing a specific effort.  We chat about the why, how, when and where these changes should happen.
  • C-Level Chat – Video snippets from key leaders that clearly define expectations.
  • Company Lore – Specific, iconic stories that deeply reinforce the messages.
  • Demo the “Do” – Engaging and interactive demonstrations of specific behaviors that contribute or detract from success – or bring the strategy to life.
  • Person on the Street – Hilarious video snippets of the average guy or gal on the street/in the company who is reacting to the topic.
  • Point/Counterpoint – There are two sides to every coin.  Let’s hear both sides!
  • Rock Stars – Video interviews with the “rock stars” – those who have demonstrated the success you want to see replicated throughout the organization.
  • Talk Show – Let’s have a rockin’ panel presentation with key leaders, speakers, and top-performing “rock stars”.
  • Tipping Cows – Every organization has a few sacred cows.  Let’s hurl them out there and find the tipping point – where it no longer becomes a sacred cow!
  • Wikipedia – Sometimes, people argue without realizing that they are using the same word with a different meaning.  Let’s clear this up with a clear definition.

Kristin literally wrote the book on how to make a presentation go from Boring to Bravo: Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire Your Audiences to Action, so you can depend on her to do the same for you.  And don’t worry, she makes the leadership team, the rock stars, and the audience look absolutely brilliant!  The result? A session uniquely tailored to your group, that engages participants and gets your goals accomplished.

3. Facilitate the Meeting

Kristin starts the conversation and keeps things high-energy and on track.  The participants end with absolute clarity on the 2-3 most important things to do as a result of the session AND they commit to moving the needle in a positive direction.  When everything is focused on the “main thing,” results do happen..

4. Follow Up

This session is only as good as the actions that come from it. Within days of the program, we email a summary report of the specific commitments the participants have made.  Kristin also provides valuable strategies that enable you to continue the conversation – days, weeks, and even months after the event!  You can also show a solid return on investment (ROI), and opportunities for further programming in your newsletters, workshops and other educational venues.  Just reading the take-aways is awe inspiring and absolutely amazing!

Clients Rave…

As more and more subject matter experts fail at delivering presentations, the meeting professionals start looking elsewhere for help. Your blend of presentation and facilitation skills is perfect for conferences of today.

Jeff Hurt

Jeff Hurt, Director of Education and Engagement, Velvet Chainsaw Consulting, Inc.

Beyond her expert content that she presented, and beyond her powerful presence on the platform, Kristin turned the event into an open conversation that truly engaged the minds of each and every one in the audience… We couldn’t have asked for a better presenter. Thank you Kristin.

Michel Neray

Michel Neray, Chief Differentiation Officer, The Essential Message

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