What Were You Thinking?

Critical Thinking Skills to Get Ahead in Your Job and in Your Life

In a world of incredible change and information overload, it is no longer the purview of the one who knows the information; it’s about the person who can organize that information and make sense of it.  The savvy manager distills the information, thinks through the options, and is able to articulate recommendations to the CEO and the rest of the team.

In this presentation, Kristin will share five “traps” that generate poor or faulty reasoning – and what you can do to prevent those traps.  She will also share five practical techniques that will allow you and your team to

  • Address the “right” issue or problem
  • Access and assess valuable information
  • Answer the question with the optimum solution or recommendation
  • Act on the solution to achieve the desired results.

Clients Rave…

Your presentation on critical thinking had great take-aways and I appreciate the insights you shared. I have started quoting some of your phrases…and my team completely understands the meaning. Thank you!

Jim McColigan

Jim McColigan, Vice President Dixon Valve

Kristin’s Critical Thinking presentation was great. I can apply it right away when I get home.

Keith House

Keith House, Managing Principal, The East Group, P.A.

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