“The author’s qualifications are important for a book on public speaking (where authorial experience in practicing what is being preached is crucial). Arnold’s background as a facilitator and speaker is extensive, capped by her new role as the incoming president of the National Speakers Association. Her focus is on presentations in the workplace, but the fluidly presented and dynamically toned pages soon make it obvious that her techniques and methods can be used by all who are required to give presentations, whether it be in their public or private lives. Her ideas are underscored by the basic premise that a dull, sleep-inducing program is intolerable, not to say detrimental, to the effectiveness of the presentation. How to engage your audience is the key to speaker success, and the author presents a series of increasingly sophisticated techniques to involved the audience, from employing the right tone of voice to breaking the audience out into smaller discussion groups. Hers are not pat responses to the issue of good programming but are well-thought-out, robustly tested, and greatly practical techniques.”

Brad Hooper
Book Reviewer, Booklist

“Kristin Arnold has a wonderful ability to connect with any audience. Her presentations are inspiring, motivational, and educational—all at once. As I read through [her book]—page by page and technique by technique—I was once more overwhelmed by how little I know, and how much is still left to learn about this wonderful business of professional speaking and teaching.”

Brian Tracy
Author of Speak to Win, Focal Point, and Goals!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an advanced copy of Kristin Arnold’s book Boring to Bravo and I highly recommend it. This is a book about being a better presenter. It stands out because it is the first book that I have seen that acknowledges the generational change of the audiences and what the consequences of those changes are (like embrace folks twittering in your meeting rather that have them switch off their cell phones.)I have been a public speaker for 15 years, a professional one for over 13, and found this book very useful. I learned several things while reading it, including many things I am doing wrong! Based on the advice in the book, I am going to use some of the techniques at my two talks at VSLive in Redmond next week.The book is a fun read with lots of checklists, sidebars, illustrations, and to do lists. Kristin even quizzes you at the end of each chapter, often using the techniques she demonstrated in the chapter, a brilliant way to reinforce the points! She stresses energy and engagement with the audience and also makes you think of the small things (the side of the stage you walk in on, passive v active voice, using inclusive language, etc) and how they effect the mindset of the audience. If you want to be a more engaging, dynamic speaker, read this book!

Stephen Forte
Blogger & Chief Strategy Officer at Telerik

“To say that this book is packed with powerful ideas is an understatement. Whether you’re a neophyte or professional communicator, “Boring to Bravo” will help you get better. I highly recommend it.”

Mark Sanborn
President, Sanborn & Associates, Inc.
Author, The Fred Factor, You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader & The Encore Effect

Boring to Bravo gives all of the tools and techniques that you need to deliver creative, interesting and fun presentations.  Whether a professional speaker or novice this book is the key resource that allows a presenter to engage the information and audience in a whole new way.”

Jeannette M. Mills, Senior Vice President,
Baltimore Gas & Electric Company

Boring to Bravo reminds me of the import of the presentations I am preparing, so I am genuine, clear and passionate.  Kristin’s techniques have helped me give effective speeches over the years to my non-profit foundations, my business colleagues, US Congressional staffs, White House officials and at the United Nations. Her book is a great resource for straightforward guidance and encouragement to be your best.”

Lance Bush, PhD, Chief Strategic Officer
Paragon Space Development Corporation

Boring to Bravo will lead to alert, attentive, and active audiences who will recall not only what was said, but who said it — the goal of every presentation.”

Duncan C. Smith, Partner
Blank Rome LLP

“In this wonderfully comprehensive approach to improving your presentation power, Kristin not only tackles how to avoid classic presentation errors, but also how to make the good better.  There’s lot’s of good advice here but especially that in a powerpoint addicted world the reminder that the presenter is the #1 visual not the screen; that in this video culture visuals and metaphors are more powerful than type;  and that dialogue rules!  Approachable, appropriate and appealing: a very worth while read.”

Alan C. Middleton. PhD., Executive Director
Schulich Executive Education Centre (SEEC)

“Wow…  Boring to Bravo is amazing. It contains tons of valuable insights, tips tools and techniques to end boring presentations and to start delivering presentations with PUNCH! This is a must read for anyone serious about presenting and wanting to boost their careers, sell more, teach better or simply wanting to have a great impact on their audiences. I HIGHLY recommend this book.”

Michael Podolinsky CSP, President
Professional Speaking and Training Institute

“Are people intrigued and impressed when you speak? If you want to know how to command attention and respect when you talk – whether to an audience of one or one hundred — buy this book.  It’s packed with ‘I can use that today” tips that will motivate people to want to listen to what you have to say.  Read it and reap.”

Sam Horn
Award-winning speaker and author of POP! and TONGUE FU! ®

“Today’s audiences are younger, more sophisticated and not content to be “talked at” is an important truism in today’s marketplace. They want an active role in their own learning and the best way to do that is to involve them along the way. In working with Gen X, and especially, the GenYers (millennials), it is critically important to capture and keep their attention.Between their texting, twittering and tweeting, the more we, as speakers and trainers, can actively involve them in the programs, the better will be their participation–and their own learning. Recent brain research suggests that unless we somehow involve our audiences every five to seven minutes, we’re going to lose them. Further, other studies show that the more we are engaged and even move around, this activity produces chemicals in the body that have a positive effect on our thinking.
You can clearly move your presentations from “boring to bravo” by learning and using these basic principles. Get them involved! Now then– just “do it!

Ed Scannell, Author
Games Trainers Play Series

“Kristin – the world needs to have this information.  You MUST publish this NOW.”

Susan RoAne
Author of best-seller “How to Work A Room”

“Every executive needs know how to make their presentations more engaging and interactive – and Kristin is chock-full of ideas to make every presenter look like a hero.”

Robert Grabill – CEO
Chief Executive Network

“This information is just amazing!  Kristin, I use your book all the time!”

Steve Spangler, Celebrity Science Teacher
Frequent guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show

“This book (Boring to Bravo) ROCKS! You’ve put together an easy to read guide to dramatically improving one’s presentations.”

Shane Browning, Director of Training,
Associated Materials, Inc.

I’ve started your book and really love it.  I’ve been studying training and facilitating and speaking and I value the way you’ve integrated best practices. 

Laura Lewis Barr

I say this with the highest degree of sincerity, it was really nice observing a real professional impart information that could be used instantly.  Tomorrow, I’ll be implanting a few thoughts from your presentation, in essence, I’ll adapt, but not adopt

Greg Williams,  The Master Negotiator

Downloaded the entire document from your site and am looking at ways to incorporate some of these ideas as I re-enter the speaking arena with a new topic focus!

Traci Parks
Blind Photographer
Humorist/Laughter Leader