Kristin J. Arnold and NSA

Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CSP, CPF has been very involved with the National Speakers Association (USA) since 1997.  She served as National President in 2010-2011 and continues to serve at the local chapter, national and international level.

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Kristin will be delighted to come to your NSA Chapter/International Convention to present one of the following programs:

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Confirmation Guidelines:

  • For International Conventions and chapter meetings, Kristin will confirm the date within 30 days of the initial request.  For US Chapters, Kristin will “hold” the date until six months prior to the engagement.
  • For US chapter meetings, Kristin will “confirm” the date six months prior to the engagement OR at any time upon mutual agreement.

In the unlikely event that an unforeseen conflict occurs, Kristin will ensure a suitable speaker will fill in (e.g. Immediate Past President, President Elect, Vice President, or National Director).

For Chapter Programs, Kristin prefers to:

  • Fly in the afternoon before the meeting.
  • Join your Board or chapter members for an early dinner that evening.
  • Turn in early.
  • Have the room set up appropriately.
  • Present for 90 minutes to no more than 3 hours as part of your chapter program.
  • Have books available for sale.
  • Use an LCD projector, screen and wireless lavaliere microphone.  Have one flipchart, easel, and markers.
  • Fly back out that same afternoon or evening.


Powerful Panels: Adding More Value to Your Client Engagements

Have you ever considered offering to moderate a panel discussion as a creative add-on to your client’s event?  Almost all meetings and conferences have them, and few of them are truly worthwhile!

Kristin will start the program actually moderating a panel with 3 or 4 of your most “famous” members.  We’ll chat about the do’s and don’ts of running a successful speaking business and delivering an amazing presentation.

After a brief break, Kristin will debrief the process she used to prepare for and facilitate the panel discussion.  She’ll also show you how to offer this additional service for an additional fee as well as the key steps you need to take in order to moderate a lively and informative panel discussion.

The program objectives are to:

  • Discover how to offer panels as an additional service beyond speaking
  • Understand three different models for pricing this additional service
  • Walk away with a compendium of engaging and interactive formats.

Each participant will receive a customized handout and will have the opportunity to purchase Kristin’s book, Powerful Panels at the end of her program.



Boring to Bravo:Proven Presentation Techniques to Engage, Involve, and Inspire
Your Audience

Meeting planners want professional speakers who involve audiences in meaningful ways.  Come discover a myriad of methods to engage and hold your audience’s attention during your keynote presentations.  Kristin will demonstrate different techniques as well as provide an in-depth resource for you to inject more interaction in your speeches.

  • Discover a smorgasbord of engaging and interactive techniques to use from the platform as a keynoter
  • Witness and participate in various interactive methods
  • Walk away with a compendium of engaging and interactive techniques.

Each participant will receive a customized handout and will have the opportunity to purchase Kristin’s book, Boring to Bravo at the end of her program.

Facilitation: The New Secret Weapon for Professional Speakers

Many speakers offer more than a speech; they provide training, consulting, facilitation, coaching and products to add more value to their clients and diversity their business model. This session will explore how facilitation can complement your speaking business and how to position facilitation as a value-added service. You will also receive an in-depth resource to help you propose a package of services to your clients.

  • Define “facilitation” vs. “speaking”
  • Explore the different types of facilitated events that complement your speech
  • Recognize the key elements to the facilitative process
  • Understand three primary fee models for facilitation
  • Walk away with a solid proposal template and agendas for a typical facilitated event.

Each participant will receive a customized handout and will have the opportunity to purchase Kristin’s audiobook, Facilitation Skills: Practical Tips & Techniques to Increase Your Effectiveness at the end of her program.

Seven Global Trends Affecting Professional Speakers

Be on the leading edge of the speaking profession with insights gathered from around the globe! NSA Past President Kristin Arnold will share her perspective on seven key trends that will significantly impact your speaking career – today and in the future.
You’ll learn:

  • Key trends that are impacting the speaking profession and meetings industry
  • Key strategies to leverage these trends

So that you can be on the leading edge, combat stagnant sales and overcome complacency in the marketplace.

Kristin’s NSA Bio

Kristin Arnold is the only member of NSA who holds both the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation as well as the CPF – Certified Professional Facilitator.  With over a dozen years of team-building and facilitation experience, Kristin specializes in coaching executives and their leadership teams in building collaborative cultures.  A founding member of the Facilitators PEG, Past Facilitator PEG Chair, Lab Director, Provost of NSA’s University at Marco Island, and NSA President in 2010-2011, Kristin is one of our most knowledgeable sources around facilitation and interaction.  She started her national involvement with NSA on the faculty of the Facilitation Skills Lab in 2000 and co-chaired the first Interaction Skills Lab in 2005.  She is an author and columnist on teamwork and presentation skills as well as a contributing author to NSA’s Paid to Speak and the International Association of Facilitator’s Handbook on Facilitation.

Kristin’s NSA Intro

As a specialist in facilitating high stakes meetings, training others to faciltate, and speaking on high performance, collaborative teams in the workplace, Kristin helps organizations take their teams from ordinary to extraordinary!

As one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy, Kristin developed a passion for building strong teams during her two decades of service in the Coast Guard. The current President of the National Speakers Association United States, Kristin now will share advice based on over two decades of faciltation and speaking expertise.

Please give a warm welcome to our speaker, Kristin Arnold

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