Kristin is the "Rules Analyst" for 2019-20 Presidential Debate Season


The 2019-20 Presidential Debate season is a hot mess.  Most pundits are going to discuss what each candidate said. I’ll take a fresh and different angle: How did the moderators impact the discussion? Smackdown or Run Wild?

Kristin Arnold is a leading authority on moderating panel discussions.  She literally wrote the book on it.

Much like a football rules analyst, Kristin is commenting on how objective, skilled and fair the debate moderators were immediately after each Presidential debate in 2019-20.

For more information about Kristin and her coverage of the US Presidential Debates, go to or contact her at 480.399.8489.

As the past President of the National Speakers Association of the United States (2010-11) and one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy, Kristin brings 20 years of practical team-building experience to your audience. She has worked with small businesses to Fortune 500 companies and is equally adept on the shop floor as she is in the executive boardroom.

With her extraordinary approach to meeting facilitation, process consultation, and keynote presentations, Kristin is in heavy demand in the news and media.

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For more information about Kristin, contact her at 480.399.8489

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