Dare to Be Different – Engage Audiences in a High Impact, Directed Conversation

Kristin's Process

There are no one-size-fits-all meeting plans here. Kristin uses a 4-step process to create and facilitate meetings that are customized to your outcomes, company culture, and the players involved.

Kristin interviews the Master Class sponsor and a few participants to determine and verify the situation and training objectives. Additionally, each participant is expected to complete an on-line, pre-assessment questionnaire.

In designing a Master Class, Kristin’s goal is to truly “step into the shoes” of the people involved. She goes to great lengths to understand your company’s issues, culture, and unique challenges.

Based on all the information, Kristin prepares a draft agenda and schedule for your review, to finalize and send to the participants.

The result? A workshop uniquely tailored to your group, that engages participants and gets your goals accomplished.

Kristin conducts the Master Class and ensures the objectives are met while modeling effective facilitative and team behaviors. There are plenty of opportunities to discuss, model, practice, watch, show and tell – your head will be spinning with all the ideas you can put into action!

Kristin is all about practical tools, tips, and techniques. At the end of the master class, we focus on a plan of action to introduce these new-found ideas (and some tried-and-true, but just need to be dusted off ideas) into the workplace.

Your training is only as good as the actions that come from it. One week after the master class, we email an aggregate of the these action plans, along with the class evaluations to the sponsor.

One month after the master class, we contact the sponsor to evaluate progress, provide coaching, and to discuss next steps, if necessary.

We can also provide a Level II evaluation form to gauge the learning at a key point(s) after the master class.

“Thank you for the outstanding support you provided to the National Maritime Recovery Symposium….attended by a host of high level government officials as well as maritime industry executives. It was professionally executed and achieved the desired outcomes. I have received many positive comments regarding the symposium, including the superb management of the break-out work groups, a very challenging task due to the large group sizes as well as the passion of the participants on the subject of recovery.”

Brian Salerno, Rear Admiral, Director of Inspections and Compliance, U.S. Coast Guard