What if You Could Ensure the Success of Your Next Big Meeting or Event?

Professional Facilitator in Phoenix-Scottsdale Arizona

If everything is riding on your next big meeting or event and you’ve been having sweaty palms and heart palpitations at the mere thought of that all-important meeting going awry, we can help.

Kristin Arnold is the insurance package you need when you simply can’t afford for anything to go wrong at your very important meeting or event. She’s a master professional facilitator located in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona.  She is highly trained in a range of process tools and techniques, working with a variety of organizations. She’s quick on her feet, can adapt to any situation, and keep the energy up – all while guiding the group to achieve the desired deliverable as a female speaker, panel moderator or team trainer.

How Kristin Facilitates Your Very Important Meeting

Generally, you need to make a decision quickly, solve a current problem or find a way for a group of diverse stakeholders to agree on a plan of action– and then see it through to completion. To achieve a specific objective or deliverable, we:

 Team Focus

Many leaders have a general idea about what they want to accomplish.  By clarifying the meeting objectives and deliverables, we can design an elegant, collaborative process to achieve the desired results.


We know that people are far more committed to those activities that have a hand in creating.  Before the meeting even begins, we can solicit their ideas to discover the areas of agreement – and where they don’t agree. And as we actively facilitate the meeting, we have a robust menu of tools and techniques to ensure a healthy, constructive conversation takes place.


Unless the team agrees to action items at the end, your meeting is a waste of time.  As the meeting progresses, we record the action items as they pop up.  In the end, we confirm the actions still need to be done and the appropriate accountability.


The proof is in the eating of the pudding.  Actions need to be completed by individual team members.  We ensure there is a structure in place to maintain your momentum.  We also debrief/evaluate the session with you to create the next steps.

Kristin is a highly skilled facilitator and speaker. She blends great subject matter knowledge with practicality to help groups achieve their objectives. I recommend Kristin without reservation.

John Farrell

John Farrell, HR Manager, Marathon Oil Company

We could not have met our ambitious goals without Kristin’s critical insights, expertise, and invaluable experience. If you need an expert who can deliver superb results quickly and under pressure – she is the person to call!

Peter Daly, CEO, U.S. Naval Institute

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