Emcee – Master of Ceremonies


Kristin is Your Insurance to Make Your Event Extraordinary

With Kristin as your Emcee – Master (or Mistress, depending on how PC you want to be) of Ceremonies, you can be assured that your business event will flow smoothly and on time. She’s the glue that holds it all together in a gracious and elegant way.
Kristin quickly connects with the group with her warm, engaging style. She reinforces the conference theme and “connects the dots” between mainstage speakers and event activities.  She involves the audience without making them do silly teambuilding, ra-ra, turn to your neighbor activities. She’s “refreshingly candid,” building conversations with the audience about key issues. She’s known to be spontaneous, witty, and gets the audience to crack a few smiles and chuckles – even with left-brained scientists and engineers!

Caveat: While Kristin is fun, engaging, and perfect for business meetings, she is NOT a comedienne or entertainer – so if that’s what you are looking for, we can refer you to a colleague!

Kristin’s Process

There are no one-size-fits-all meeting plans here. Kristin uses a 4-step process to create and facilitate meetings that are customized to your outcomes, company culture, and the players involved.

Kristin talks with the meeting sponsor and gets crystal clear on the objectives. She’ll help you turn your general ideas into targeted deliverables.

In designing a meeting, Kristin’s goal is to truly “step into the shoes” of the people involved. She goes to great lengths to understand your company’s issues, culture, and unique challenges.

Before the meeting even begins, Kristin solicits the ideas of meeting attendees to discover areas of agreement—and where they don’t agree. She deploys a variety of tools and techniques to gather data, including attendee interviews and web-based surveys.

The result? A meeting uniquely tailored to your group, that engages participants and gets your goals accomplished.

Kristin guides the conversation and keep things high-energy and on track. During the meeting, she captures action steps as they arise. At the end, she confirms any agreed-upon action items that need to be done, and who is accountable for them.

Your meeting is only as good as the actions that come from it. Kristin ensures there’s a structure in place so you can maintain momentum. She provides a quick turnaround of the meeting minutes so the team can take immediate action.