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When facilitating a strategic planning session, I often describe this model that shows the difference between strategic and operational planning: First, I draw a horizontal axis that is a timeline from today to the duration of the strategic plan (usually … Continue reading

The internal report on GM’s decade-long failure to recall cars with a deadly safety hazard ascribes the appalling incompetency to “the GM nod”.  The report describes the GM nod to be “when everyone nods in agreement to a proposed plan … Continue reading

One of my favorite past times is to watch a full-length, feature film and extract lessons in team dynamics, visioning, change management, diversity, decision-making, critical thinking and other factors that make teams work. Here are my top five (subject to … Continue reading

You just decided to hire a facilitator.  Now what happens?  A good facilitator will spend some time up front clarifying your goals, objectives and deliverables.  This piece, in and of itself, is a sound investment of your time.  This can … Continue reading

Just this past week, one of my clients asked, “If we could do only ONE thing to take our teams from good to great, what would you recommend we do?” After a nanosecond of thought, I answered, “Do periodic critiques … Continue reading

I continue to be amazed at how leaders can call a meeting without really thinking through the meeting objectives, outcomes, and agenda. Your meetings are costing the company real dollars – although those costs are sunk costs in the form … Continue reading

We just finished our 2012 planning and I feel so energized and excited for the coming year!  We just finished our new branding initiative (do you like the new website look, feel and logo?) and our term as national president … Continue reading

Moneyball just hit the movie theaters this weekend, so I had to go see it. It’s not because the lead character, Billy Beane is played by Brad Pitt – although Brad is looking more and more like Robert Redford as … Continue reading