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You can practice this activity to creatively demonstrate the interrelationships and importance of each team member – particularly at the end of the team’s work. It works well with 5 or more members and takes 10 to 20 minutes.

Every Sunday (when I am in town), Joe and I meet my mother at our church, St. Patrick’s Catholic Community, and then we go out to a leisurely breakfast.  I enjoy our time together and the opportunity to reflect on … Continue reading

A few weeks ago, I was boarding a US Airways flight and was warmly greeted by Jay, the flight attendant.  That’s no big deal, really, because most flight attendants are very nice to those of us who have status, board … Continue reading

The solution for managers who feel stressed and overworked may just be the need to brush up on effective delegation skills. Delegation is an ideal way to develop employees’ talents and abilities while allowing you to work on important tasks. … Continue reading

A few months ago, I was facilitating a breakout session to a two-day national conference that started the event with a panel discussion.  It was an interesting choice as most conferences start with something sizzling, dazzling, entertaining and well as … Continue reading

In my work as a management consultant and coach, one of the concerns I hear most often from managers is “how can I make more time to get everything done that needs to get done?“  Unfortunately, we only get 24 hours in … Continue reading

This is an innovative activity with a structured opportunity for groups to experience competition and opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between functional organizations. The exercise works well with 4 groups of equal size in a space large enough for each … Continue reading

What is a high stakes meeting facilitator®? The goal of all facilitators is to make things easier. What sets our high stakes meeting facilitators® apart is their ability to ensure a successful outcome for highly important meetings, taking the stress … Continue reading

An extraordinary team is set up for success with the right people working on an important, meaningful issue with solid support from the sponsors and an agreed upon process to proceed. Additionally, there are several other elements that make it … Continue reading

Good ideas jump out at you and then they take a while to simmer before you take action.  And so it was with an Inc. magazine article about the Holstee Manifesto – a mission statement about the company’s core purpose and core … Continue reading