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Guest Post from Alan Stevens OK, you have taken great care to prepare your speech, and the big day has arrived. You stand up, face your audience, and remove your notes from your pocket. For the next fifteen minutes, you … Continue reading

A few months ago, I was facilitating a breakout session to a two-day national conference that started the event with a panel discussion.  It was an interesting choice as most conferences start with something sizzling, dazzling, entertaining and well as … Continue reading

Last week, I attended the ISA-Association of Learning Providers’ Annual Business Retreat where we heard Jeanne Bliss speak about customer loyalty. About a minute into her speech, she laughed….and then snorted.  Yes, like a pig!  She continued to laugh and … Continue reading

I like to use this team activity to encourage active listening and creativity. Team Size Groups of 6 to 10 people Time Required 10 to 15 minutes, depending on team size Materials Eight to ten various household objects, such as … Continue reading

Last week, I gave a presentation about enterprise-level thought leadership to a hundred executives at the Senior Executive Network.  You may be thinking, “Kristin, you’re a high stakes meeting facilitator; what are you doing talking about thought leadership?” As I … Continue reading

For the last two days, I hung out with 400 incredibly cool Javascript programmers at the JSConf 2012 in my new hometown of Scottsdale, AZ.  I spoke on the second day, so I wanted to get a feel for this … Continue reading