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Holy Cow!  The value of face-to-face meetings is estimated to be more than $1.03 trillion US bucks!  That’s the amount cited for the worldwide direct spending of the meeting and event industry in 2017 according to the Global Economic Significance of Business … Continue reading

We all know meetings can sometimes drag on, have no agenda or real outcomes, and slow down the work day.  And what isn’t getting done that should be getting done while we are in these meetings?

When I joined my first national board a decade ago, many of the female directors complained that the male directors ignored their ideas.  But THEN, amazingly enough, when it became THEIR idea, it was remarkably brilliant!

Lots of business leaders like to say, “The customer is always right.”  Or, “We are a customer-centric company.”  But how does that manifest into a daily habit or ritual so that all employees unabashedly KNOW that your company is obsessed with … Continue reading

What’s the overall atmosphere of your meeting room? Does it invite participation or stifle creativity? Although a subtle contribution to team success, meeting room set up is an important, but often forgotten, element to team success. As you set up your … Continue reading