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This is an entertaining team activity that demonstrates the concept of a “stretch” goal. It works with any size group and requires about five to 10 minutes. You will need an easel chart or whiteboard and a marking pen.

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by Dr. Marlene Caroselli. As an author, keynoter, and corporate trainer, she has published over 60 books and countless curricula, articles, and speeches. _________________________________________________________________ Author and academician James C. Humes maintains that leadership … Continue reading

This is a terrific activity to creatively demonstrate the use of the force-field analysis “tool.” This exercise is ideal for 8 or more people and requires 10 minutes. You will need a long rope with red tape in middle and … Continue reading

As many of you are aware, this past summer I have been writing about a diversity of entrepreneurs in Prince Edward Island (PEI).  What I have discovered is that we have some of the most brilliant and hardworking business owners … Continue reading

Back in the Frederick Taylor days around the turn of the 20th century, managers used a “hierarchical” approach to leading their employees.  The work was fairly straightforward, information flowed down from the leader to each of the employees, and employees … Continue reading