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While a team member can effectively perform the role of facilitator in many situations, it is often preferable to use a facilitator who is not a team member nor a member of the related functional area.  This might be an … Continue reading

When facilitating a strategic planning session, I often describe this model that shows the difference between strategic and operational planning: First, I draw a horizontal axis that is a timeline from today to the duration of the strategic plan (usually … Continue reading

Telephone conference calls are a low cost meeting alternative for teams located in different places.  They are great for routine status reports and for short-term, problem solving meetings, but not if you follow your instincts to just grab the phone … Continue reading

“How can a manager be most effective ( and stay employed) when working with a volunteer board? How should my time and energy be split between the operations of the business and advising the board members?” A:  An excellent question … Continue reading