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Many books on “Change” are highly theoretical; whereas Lior Arussy’s latest book, Next is Now: 5 Steps for Embracing Change – Building a Business that Thrives into the Future asserts that change is highly personal. Whether you are leading changes within … Continue reading

Every organization strives to achieve higher levels of engagement and loyalty both from their employees and their customers.  Is it possible for leaders to create that engagement, maintain a competitive advantage, and maximize profits in this climate when people are … Continue reading

When I am speaking, people often ask if there are businesses in other parts of the world experiencing similar problems as us in North America. Based on my experience, the answer to that would be “yes.”

This is a terrific activity to creatively demonstrate the use of the force-field analysis “tool.” This exercise is ideal for 8 or more people and requires 10 minutes. You will need a long rope with red tape in middle and … Continue reading

I was recently facilitating a mastermind group of entrepreneurs and one of the topics for discussion was about “designing the best year of your life.”  This noble aspiration captured my attention since Joe and I have been “homeless” waiting for … Continue reading

This team activity allows you to creatively demonstrate the power of a collective vision. It works with any size group and requires about 5 minutes. You will need easel paper and a marking pen.

Years ago I asked a young relative what he wanted to do after he completed his education. His response was: “I want to own my own business”. “That’s great,” I said. “But why?”

According to Statistics Canada, over 1,000 people turn 65 every single day which means more people are contemplating retirement now than ever in history.  Studies show that some are thinking about working beyond the traditional age of retirement, while others … Continue reading