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Updated Information as of January 2013

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Definition of a Mainstage Conversation

Kristin Arnold blends the best of two worlds as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), as well as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF).  Her unique background and personality have enabled her to break the safe, traditional, “professional speaker” mold, preferring instead to work as a mainstage conversationalist, engaging and involving the audience in shaping the content. She has engaged over half a million people around the world to think differently by invoking relevant, timely insights applicable to real world issues.

Speaking Topics:

Teamwork & Collaboration
Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
Strategic Planning & Strategic Thinking
Meeting & Facilitation Skills
Presentation Skills

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Inclusive Fee Range

$3,500 to $6,500.  Fee is inclusive of airfare and meals with hotel and grand transportation direct-billed to client master account.
Local area discount available for clients within the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan area and the Canadian Maritime Provinces.

New Demo Video(s) Just Released!

We updated our demo video and shortened it to a 4 minute demo.  If you want to know my qualifications to speak with your audiences, you can check out my bio video, and then there are random video snippets to get a flavor of my style.  You can also view them below or on my YouTube Channel or contact us to mail you a DVD copy.

2012 Official Speaker Video: Kristin Arnold in ActionKristin Arnold Bio 2012Kristin Arnold Selected Speaking ClipsKristin Arnold demonstrating the Freeloader PhenomenonKristin Arnold: Don't Treat Your Team Mates Like MushroomsKristin Arnold Talks about the Dashboard Dog in TeamworkKristin Arnold Begs the Question: Are You a Donkey or an Ass?

Kristin’s Ideal Client

Kristin works best with “left-brained” audiences where the economic buyer (your client) values the importance of teamwork but doesn’t want to hold hands and sing “kumbya”.  She works well with industries and associations that are highly technical (engineering/scientific/medical) and focused on bottom line results such as energy, banking, health care, and manufacturing.   With over two decades of experience facilitating and training teams in the work place, she has worked with over a hundred different organizations, three hundred different teams, and presented to over a half a million people around the world.

Why Hire Kristin?

  1. Results-Focused on the specific outcomes desired by the client
  2. Innovative Format as a MainStage Conversationalist
  3. Practical and actionable tips and techniques
  4. Event promotion on-site and via social media
  5. 20+ years of experience and a boatload of credentials (healthcare, education, government and highly technical professions like credentials!)
  6. Walks the talk and practices what she preaches
  7. Extremely professional to work with and has never missed an engagement in 20+ years!

Creative “Add-Ons” to the Event

  • Obtain return on investment (ROI) information from the attendees
  • Moderate a lively and informative panel (FREE in 2013 when you combine it with another service on the same day!)
  • Facilitate a leadership business meeting
  • Facilitate a mastermind meeting of like-minded executives
  • Provide industry speaker pre-session presentation skills training so they are more engaging & interactive
  • Provide post-event webinars to reinforce session content & extend the learning

How Kristin Prefers to Work with Bureaus (pdf)

I prefer to work in partnership with supportive speakers bureaus.  It is my desire to have a mutually beneficial, trusting relationship that is focused on doing great work for the client.  Through many tough learning experiences, I have found that I work best when expectations are clear to all.  See more….

Books & Audio Programs

Boring to Bravo Book

Contact Kristin Arnold for more information: 800.589.4733