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I was trying to explain my position during a recent meeting, and one of my fellow board members started to interrupt me.  At first, I glanced at him awry and cocked my head.  I then raised my hand and said, “Please, let me finish.”  When he continued to interrupt, I was a bit more forceful and said, “Let me finish.”  When he continued to persist, I leaned forward and said, “To be a good board member, we agreed that we should listen to each other.  I listened to you.  It is now my turn.”  To which he finally stopped and let me finish my thought. Continue reading “How Team Members Can Intervene Gracefully” »

Holy Cow!  The value of face-to-face meetings is estimated to be more than $1.03 trillion US bucks!  That’s the amount cited for the worldwide direct spending of the meeting and event industry in 2017 according to the Global Economic Significance of Business Events.   The average amount spent per business event participant was $711, according to the report.   Now that’s a lot of moolah for a meeting! Continue reading “Shocking Statistics on the Cost of Meetings” »

Once you have addressed the problem, now it’s time to move into the analysis phase.  Now this is the tricky part where our cognitive biases influence our thinking.  Wikipedia, otherwise known as the font of all knowledge, lists 175 biases – which is far too many to discuss in this article – but keep in mind that they all play into our perceptions and realities.  There’s no escaping them.  However, you can gain awareness of them and how they impact your thinking, and then take countermeasures to become less influenced by these biases. Continue reading “8 of the Most Common Biases in the Workplace” »

To prevent the “Rock Phenomenon from occurring in your team, take the time to mutually agree on the problem.  It might not be the most apparent, obvious problem, so go around the table and let everyone weigh in on what they think might be the problem or issue to be solved.  Restate the problem in a number of different ways to learn more about its dimensions and related problems and issues.  You may find that your original idea is not the problem at all! Continue reading “Help Your Team Avoid the “Rock Phenomenon”” »

OHMIGOSH! It’s been 25 years since I started Quality Process Consultants, Inc.  It was early September of 1993, and Ed Zunich, a colleague from the Hampton Road Quality Management Council, had heard about the facilitation skills workshop I developed for my US Coast Guard buddies.  He asked me if I could train some of his folks in facilitation skills and so, QPC Inc. was born! Continue reading “What Does a Facilitator Do Throughout 25 Years in Business?” »