“Doesn’t all that traveling bother you?”  As a top tier flyer for the past decade, I get asked this question all the time.  The answer is an emphatic “No!” as I try to travel well.  The two keys are 1) not to rush and 2) be selfish.  And in my crazy life, this is pretty much the only time where I actually make an effort to give myself more time (and grace) than needed and to be absurdly selfish.  Please let me explain: Continue reading “Top Tips to Travel Well and READ Well” »

Thank goodness. We are moving into the next generation of office design.  We’ve been hanging out with the open office space for years.  Executive and managers would have private offices lining the outside of the building with employees in open office environments (otherwise known as the”bull pen”) with communal meeting, eating, and recreation spaces.  Nothing was private, so you had to mind your manners and try not to be annoying. Continue reading “Balance Openness and Privacy In Your Office Space” »

When I was growing up in the San Fernando Valley, California, whenever my father and brother started prattling on too long about their love of cars (which happened frequently), one of us would start singing “Jingle Bells.”  If others in the family agreed that it was time for the conversation to move on, they would join in the singing! Continue reading “Create a Team “Code Word”” »