In my work as a management consultant and coach, one of the concerns I hear most often from managers is “how can I make more time to get everything done that needs to get done?“  Unfortunately, we only get 24 hours in … Continue reading

This is an innovative activity with a structured opportunity for groups to experience competition and opportunities for cooperation and collaboration between functional organizations. The exercise works well with 4 groups of equal size in a space large enough for each … Continue reading

While doing some long overdue work around the house this past week, I encountered a breakdown with a piece of equipment I was using. Wanting to get the work completed as soon as possible, I made some calls and searched … Continue reading

Use this unique activity with groups of 3 people to creatively demonstrate the power of teamwork versus an individual’s work. The exercise requires 10 minutes. You will need: A universally familiar object, such as a telephone, coin, currency, company insignia, … Continue reading