Get the tips and techniques you need to achieve team success by registering for these quarterly 45 minute webinars.  Discover how to inspire better teamwork, engage your employees and your audiences, achieve a collaborative consensus, handling difficult people and more! Each … Continue reading

I continue to be amazed at how leaders can call a meeting without really thinking through the meeting objectives, outcomes, and agenda. Your meetings are costing the company real dollars – although those costs are sunk costs in the form … Continue reading

Psychologist Adrian Furham, Phd, was quoted in the February Issue of the Oprah magazine, “The evidence from science suggests that businesspeople must be insane to use brainstorming groups….If you have talented and motivated people, they should be encouraged to work … Continue reading

Many of you know that I serve as the immediate past president of the National Speakers Association.  One of my final duties is to chair the Nominations Committee – selecting the future leaders of the association.  This weekend, we interviewed … Continue reading