Have you ever had someone keep bringing up the same topic?  Like a dog with a bone, he just won’t give up?  Worse yet, the topic gains momentum, has been discussed to death, and the group just can’t let it … Continue reading

It’s been 20 years since I started my business facilitating teams and training others to do what I do.  Back then, no one even knew how to spell “facilitator”, no less what a facilitator did! As they say, we’ve come … Continue reading

I was talking (virtually) to fellow blogger Vivek Singh about the plethora of blogs talking about presentation skills.  He and I contribute to this specific space in the blogosphere.  So does Andrew Dlugan who put together an amazing list of … Continue reading

‘Tis the season to make your new year’s resolutions.  If you have attended one of my sessions, you have heard me talk about how you can take control and improve your life significantly by deciding, articulating, recording and committing to … Continue reading