Moneyball just hit the movie theaters this weekend, so I had to go see it. It’s not because the lead character, Billy Beane is played by Brad Pitt – although Brad is looking more and more like Robert Redford as … Continue reading

2008 was a watershed year: financial crises, bailouts, earthquakes, droughts, floods and myriad other forms of pestilence.   And the trend hasn’t stopped. Tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, and record unemployment continue to affect us, resulting in continual churn in the marketplace. … Continue reading

Most companies provide breakfast when the meeting starts early.  These days, most folks know to have healthy choices that feed into the energy and creativity of the team: Fresh fruit Low or non-fat yogurt Scrambled or hard cooked eggs Whole … Continue reading

In a motion picture, every second costs thousands of dollars to produce – so every second counts.  Every second contributes to the overall story.  Nary a second is wasted.  So when I watch a movie, I am always looking at … Continue reading