I recently attended a national convention when one of the speakers had a “senior moment” – she forgot her lines.  It was only a five minute speech, and so she had carefully crafted her speech, practiced methodically and came out … Continue reading

Have you ever been handed a task and just know that you needed to brainstorm with someone? Yes, there are some things that call for group participation.  In my case, this week, I was asked to come up with a … Continue reading

How does your team know if it is making a difference?  Moving the needle?  Going in the right direction? You may not like my answer – because it involves the dreaded “M” word.  “Metrics” show whether you are moving in … Continue reading

Have you ever had a huge goal that took you a fair amount of time to achieve?  It’s superbly satisfying to check the box, mark it off and celebrate success!  In the last week, I have had THREE major milestones … Continue reading