Listen to this recent interview with Jim Blasingame, the Small Business Advocate, as we chat about how small business owners can make changes with their words, their actions, and how they reinforce the changes.

While reading the June Issue of Fast Company, I ran across a great quote by Chris Cox, Facebook’s Product Chief and keeper-creator of the social network’s culture of relentless innovation.  He said “I am constantly trying to find and articulate … Continue reading

What’s not to like about a nametag?  It serves an admirable purpose: allowing others to know your name.  It is an invitation to say “hello.”  A conversation starter.  And when you are presenting, it allows you to call people by … Continue reading

Last week (6/15), the USA Today Snapshot® answered the question: “What co-worker behaviors annoy you the most?”  What would you answer? According to Accountemps survey, 1,400 chief financial officers found these traits most annoying: 41% – Sloppy work 23% – Gossiping or … Continue reading

I’ve been thinking about the Carpenter’s song, Rainy Days and Mondays….because they always get me down.  Funny, how it seems as if…. It’s gray and rainy here on Prince Edward Island, and usually I hit the deck running hard on … Continue reading

In a world of emails, voicemails and text messages, when teams meet face-to-face, it has to be more about the collaboration than information sharing. It becomes an “experience” vs. an event. A task. Something checked off on your to-do list.

This weekend, our church organized a “Lobster Supper” fundraiser replete with lobster, dinner roles, cole slaw, potato salad, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, condiments and cake for dessert. All packaged in a lovely to-go container.

The National Speakers Association just published their first book, Paid to Speak. Covering every aspect of launching, building, and maintaining a successful speaking career, Paid to Speak is a must-read for professional speakers–whether keynote speaker, motivator, coach, trainer, facilitator, or consultant–as … Continue reading