Just devoured Tim Sanders‘ new book, Today We are Rich.  It’s an easy-to-read motivational book which is food for the soul – talking about increasing the confidence in your life. And when you have confidence, your life will be “rich”. … Continue reading

I recently attended a IMC-Arizona meeting where Robert Lane provided an amazing overview of a new way to use PowerPoint – that can absolutely revolutionize the way you look at presenting your ideas. Using a series of hyperlinks, he recommends … Continue reading

I love TED – and here’s the good news: my husband is not jealous!  You see, TED is not a man; TED is an annual uberconference started in 1984 as a conference bringing together people from three worlds: Technology, Entertainment, Design. … Continue reading

Or so says Peggy Noonan in a Wall Street Journal article this weekend. Contending that “the speech as a vehicle of sustained political argument was killed by television and radio.  Rhetroic was reduced to the TV producer’s 10-second soundbit, the … Continue reading