While doing a radio interview with Paula Morand on VoiceAmerica about my book, Boring to Bravo, Paula asked me about the Five Sins.  She was referring to the Five Sins of Teamwork, taken from my book, Team Basics!  It took … Continue reading

Back from the National Speakers Association UnConference in Atlanta at the brand new Loews Hotel.  Amazing conference, great vibe and fabulous food.  What more could you ask for? Met with one the exhibiters, Nancy Terrell at Cartoon Resource and thought … Continue reading

As we close the “Just Say No to Powerpoint Week”, did you succumb to the siren call of Powerpoint?  And… if you just had to grab the remote, did you tell the story around the Powerpoint flashing on the screen?  … Continue reading

The latest issue of Fast Company proclaimed that February 7th is the beginning of “Say No to PowerPoint Week.”  What if all the PowerPointers in corporateland decided to embargo PowerPoint for an entire week?  What would happen then? I  believe  … Continue reading