I hope you are enjoying the holidays!   It is freezing here in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I’m tempted to pour a cup of steaming hot chocolate and pull out my latest book – Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth – … Continue reading

So here’s my request of you, dear readers.  When you prepare your presentation, keep in mind: 1.     Your presentation is about them, not about you. 2.     Engage early, even before your presentation begins. 3.     Be relevant and unique; more than … Continue reading

With the gift-giving season fast approaching, there are lots of fun and creative ways to celebrate the holidays with your team mates: Food.  Nothing builds teams better than food.  Whether you come together for a traditional pot-luck lunch, go to … Continue reading

I am often asked, “what’s the best number of people to put on a team?”  Basketball teams have five, baseball nine, and soccer 11.  But when it comes to the workplace, what is the optimal number? According to Evan Wittenberg, … Continue reading