Even though you work day in and day out with your team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your manners.  Without trying to be too prissy (or substitute the Miss Manners’ column), I would like to remind you of … Continue reading

Brad MacMillian, president of Meeting Professionals International (MPI) says that “the number one thing an audience wants is to feel involved in the actual creation and development of the session.  When they are involved, they are much more connected, they … Continue reading

I just came back from Paris, France where I attended the French Professional Speakers Association (Association Française Des Conférenciers Professionnels) where over 60 professional speakers came together for an “immersion into the know-how and awareness of world-renowned speakers.” After many … Continue reading

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there are limits to how far team members can take their opinions.  All too often, team members forget to encourage a healthy dialogue among team members and turn the conversation into a debate … Continue reading

When meetings came to a screeching halt last year, professional speakers suddenly had some spare time on their hands.  Some organizations cancelled meetings in fear of the AIG effect, and others brought their meetings “under the radar” – holding meetings … Continue reading

Boomer audiences are a fairly compliant crowd.  Even if the presentation isn’t all that great, they will typically sit through most presentations.  Not so with the younger generations!  They won’t tolerate a canned speech that is not relevant to their … Continue reading