Team negotiations require more skill than one-on-one negotiations.  Team-based negotiations can be more powerful if done correctly.  “When the right team is in place, all of the homework is done and team members are well versed on using ‘one voice’ … Continue reading

There is not much difference between vision, goals and objectives other than the level of detail.   Vision is an overarching goal, strategic in nature.  It is used to inspire the hearts and minds of team members to see the “big … Continue reading

The idea of Work-Out started in 1989 as a way to push cultural change throughout General Electric.  Neutron Jack had just streamlined the workforce, but the work processes had not been redesigned well enough to acknowledge the difference.  So Jack … Continue reading

Reality TV is a voyeuristic view of teamwork.  The producers take willing subjects, throw them together with a simple premise, and let the fireworks begin.  Each segment is a fascinating case study on team dynamics where we have the opportunity … Continue reading