Just came back from the Halifax Chapter Meeting of the Canadian Association for Professional Speakers (CAPS).  Our guest speaker was Jeff Tobe talking about “Coloring Outside the Lines.” Jeff used an autoresponder (when you have trained the audience to respond … Continue reading

Every team needs a visual scoreboard that tracks how well they are doing.  Using the team’s mission statement, the team should have a few metrics that indicate team success and progress.   Just like the gauges on your car tell you … Continue reading

Do us all a favor….start with something snappy rather than saying “hello” and expecting the audience to chime in with a hearty “hello” back to you.  Start off with an observation, a poignant question, a quotation, a startling statistic, an … Continue reading

Are you working too hard as a team leader? You are busy establishing goals, setting direction, leading your team; managing discussions and keeping folks on task while you must document all this teamwork!  It’s exhausting! Relax, no need to hog … Continue reading

One of my clients recently shared with me his frustration during an international conference call.  One of the key players joined the call an hour late!  When he wanted to reopen some of the issues that were already discussed and … Continue reading