I pitied the keynote speaker at an awards banquet last night.  Not only was he competing with the American Idol final results show, but he was put in a dreadful situation from the get-go: 1)  As he started his speech, … Continue reading

I  just posted my quarterly newsletter, The Extraordinary Team online.  It’s full of stories, tips and techniques to improve the way your teams work. Download it now here. In this issue, you’ll find: – The Dwight Schrute Effect – Go … Continue reading

These days everyone has a cell phone glued to the ear.  Used appropriately, they are absolutely wonderful.  Used inappropriately, they are aggravating and downright annoying, especially in group settings. Turn it off. “Do not use a cell phone in public … Continue reading

Last week, I was facilitating an important corporate meeting where the Senior VP kicked off the event.  An eloquent speaker, he started strong and ten minutes later, he was standing behind a chair.  Perhaps he needed to lean against something … Continue reading