On my way back from Cape Town, South Africa, I was trapped during the last leg of the trip from Chicago O’Hare to Phoenix, AZ.  No more movies on US Airways and nothing left to read, I reached for the … Continue reading

Just back from the International Federation for Professional Speakers‘ Global Speakers Summit in Cape Town, South Africa. Hosted by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa, the Summit was a smashing success with over 150 professional speakers from around the … Continue reading

Whatever issue you are working on, the boss doesn’t have all the answers.  The boss can (and often does) identify the issues, assign priorities, direct tasks, measure progress, etc.  But the boss doesn’t do the work.  You do.  And who … Continue reading

An “anchor” is a theme, concept or principle that remains long after your presentation is over.  It can be one word, a phrase or a statement that captures the essence of your speech and reinforces your call to action. It … Continue reading

An exceptionally talented (and beautiful) colleague of mine, Roxanne Emmerich, is offering a free teleseminar on How to transform your workplace from adult daycare filled with energy vampires to a “bring- it-on” place you and your customers love. Register today—you don’t … Continue reading