Have I told you that I am moving cross country from Alexandria, VA to Scottsdale, AZ? Yep….loaded up the U-Haul truck and auto transport and we’re driving cross country. Currently in Clarkesville, Arkansas (never have been in AR before!) and … Continue reading

My daughter, Marina, just graduated from the number one public school in the country, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (at least that’s what US News and World Report says).   I am sooooo proud of her! The … Continue reading

Once a year, the “girls” at Baltimore Gas & Electric and I go golfing. I have worked with Jeannette, Darlene and Doreen on-and-off over the past eight years, and we enjoy bringing each other up to date while trying to … Continue reading

Ever wonder where the term “ground rule” comes from? Frank Bell, a facilitative trainer says the term comes from baseball.  Each baseball park might have different conditions not anticipated in the “book rules.”  For example, when a batted ball bounces over … Continue reading

I was chatting with Ron, an academic department head, about how well his team worked together, especially since they came from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. We agreed the team had learned good teaming skills through their careers. After all, if … Continue reading