I am very proud of my Dad and Mom. Mom (Mary Ann Wahlner) just forwarded an article from the Alzheimer’s Research Forum about their participation in a clinical drug trial. “Each day for one and a half years, 78-year-old Alan … Continue reading

CNN’s Cafferty Report yesterday posed the intriguing question: “Can Hillary Clinton muscle her way into the V.P. slot?” My ears perked up when Jack Cafferty mentioned that “Jenny from Rome, Georgia says that He [Obama] seems to have surrounded himself … Continue reading

I am in Las Vegas working with Choice Hotels International and had the pleasure to hear Deepak Chopra speak about “Spiritual Leadership”. Aside from his Liberace/Elton John red rhinestone studded reading glasses, Chopra talked about happy people. He said, “Happy … Continue reading

I am so excited. The Department of Homeland Security just announced the National Small Vessel Security Strategy. 57 pages later, it outlines a plan to manage and reduce the overall risk on US waterways – specifically for the small boating … Continue reading