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It’s one thing to read about facilitation and presentation techniques but another to watch them in action.  Explore Kristin’s compelling video library to watch the pros in action!

About Kristin Arnold, Professional Speaker and MainStage Conversationalist

2012 Official Speaker Video: Kristin Arnold in ActionKristin Arnold Bio 2012Kristin Arnold Selected Speaking ClipsKristin Arnold demonstrating the Freeloader PhenomenonKristin Arnold: Don't Treat Your Team Mates Like MushroomsKristin Arnold Talks about the Dashboard Dog in TeamworkKristin Arnold Begs the Question: Are You a Donkey or an Ass?

Extraordinary Team Facilitation Skills

Definition of a FacilitatorBenefits of Using a Meeting FacilitatorWhen Do You Need to Use a Meeting Facilitator?What to Look For When Hiring a Meeting FacilitatorWhat Happens After You Hire a FacilitatorThe Difference between a Group and a Team

Boring to Bravo Presentation Skills

Presenters... Are You Ready to Go from Boring to Bravo?Kristin Arnold - Boring to Bravo IntroductionKristin Arnold - Boring to Bravo Presentation Techniques #1Kristin Arnold - How to Create Audience Engagement & Interaction - Fill In the BlankKristin Arnold - How to Personalize Your Presentation!Kristin Arnold - Involve a Well-Known Person & CallbackInteraction Insights Part 1 - Tips On How to Engage, Involve & Inspire Your AudiencesInteraction Insights Part 2 - Tips On How to Engage & Involve Your Audiences

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