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The word “accountability” is the latest buzzword going around business.  “We don’t have accountability,” executives lament. “We have to hold our people accountable.”  Yep, leaders want some of that there accountability…like you can point at it.  That you can scoop … Continue reading

I was having dinner last night with a few girlfriends and we were talking about the increasing focus on self.  Yes, it’s important to take care of yourself.  To be curious about life.  To pause, reflect, and meditate.  To constantly … Continue reading

When working with clients to develop a team-based culture, the concern that always comes up is – My team is scattered and many work virtually, so how do I build a team under those circumstances?

According to educational psychologist Bruce Tuckman, when people come together to form a team, they go through a predictable pattern of behavior to achieve the work or activity.  Watch closely and you can see them move forward (and backward) through these … Continue reading

I was having a robust discussion with a meetings industry leader about the Millennial generation – and he agreed that we are making way too big of a deal focusing on the alleged differences between the generations. At one point … Continue reading