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As many of you are aware, this past summer I have been writing about a diversity of entrepreneurs in Prince Edward Island (PEI).  What I have discovered is that we have some of the most brilliant and hardworking business owners … Continue reading

Back in the Frederick Taylor days around the turn of the 20th century, managers used a “hierarchical” approach to leading their employees.  The work was fairly straightforward, information flowed down from the leader to each of the employees, and employees … Continue reading

Being an entrepreneur is not the glamorous life some people believe it is.  Many people only see the end result of someone who has paid the price and made it.  They are not aware of the stress, the risk, the … Continue reading

Should corporations and individuals engage in philanthropy? In 1989, Andrew Carnegie’s advice was to spend the first part of your life getting as much education as possible, spend the second part making all the money you could, and spend the … Continue reading

As managers at a large corporation, we would often joke about how after being promoted we were sent our “brain in a box” – standard operating procedures which told us how to think, what to say, what to do, and … Continue reading