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This is an entertaining team activity that demonstrates the concept of a “stretch” goal. It works with any size group and requires about five to 10 minutes. You will need an easel chart or whiteboard and a marking pen.

Many books on “Change” are highly theoretical; whereas Lior Arussy’s latest book, Next is Now: 5 Steps for Embracing Change – Building a Business that Thrives into the Future asserts that change is highly personal. Whether you are leading changes within … Continue reading

I just got back from the ISA – The Association of Learning Providers’ Annual Business Retreat – full of great insights and networking with other executives of training companies.  (Hence, the reason why my weekly blog post is a bit later … Continue reading

Have you ever been in a situation where you simply felt overwhelmed?  So many things to do…392 emails to act on, seven people knocking on your door, and oh, you forgot to call your mother.  All of which are demanding … Continue reading

This is an awesome activity for developing cooperation among team members and to gain problem-solving experience. It works best with groups of 4 to 8 people and requires 10 to 15 minutes.