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shutterstock_277372325I was facilitating a mastermind of manufacturing executives when we started chatting about strategic plans – and more specifically,  about what makes a strategic objective “good?”  So I offered up my four criteria for a worthwhile strategic objective, and since they scribbled this down in their notes, I thought it might be something worth sharing with you! Continue reading “4 Criteria for a Meaningful and Worthwhile Strategic Objective” »

shutterstock_277372325Back in the Frederick Taylor days around the turn of the 20th century, managers used a “hierarchical” approach to leading their employees.  The work was fairly straightforward, information flowed down from the leader to each of the employees, and employees reported back up directly to the team leader.  The “hierarchical” model was a simple, efficient and productive way of allocating and getting work done.  The leader would tell employees what to do, employees did the work and reported the results back to the manager. Continue reading “What Kind of Team Leader Are You?” »