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Corporate boards often talk about strategic issues at their meetings – but in my experience as a professional meeting facilitator, they talk about the strategic issues they know about.  The ones they can see on their horizon.  But what about the issues that are a tad bit out of their reach?  Issues that aren’t even on their radar?  Issues they should be talking about, but aren’t on the agenda? Continue reading “Top 10 Issues Facing Corporate Boards in 2017” »

I was working at a Dallas hotel and across the hall was a “hackathon” with about 100 people randomly working together.  There was a large projection screen with an internal chat feed and rows of tables with laptops.  On the sides, there were high-top tables and couches for collaborative conversations.  As far as I could tell, there was no one “running the meeting.” Continue reading “Spark Innovation at Corporate Events with a “Hackathon”” »