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Getting Paid What You Deserve


When paying employees, you can use three methods: 1) pay by the hour, 2) pay a salary, 3) pay by the piece – the number of things they make, or the tasks they complete (known as ‘piecework’).

Many organizations are now realizing, when everyone is paid the same regardless of output, there is little motivation to produce at a high level beyond the work ethic of that …

Posted November 19, 2014 by Joseph Sherren in Employee Satisfaction


Managers Need to Embrace Social Media

Social media drop

This past summer I was surprised to hear that so many organizations in PEI do not allow the current trends in business (like social media) in their organizations. I wonder: did they not allow calculators, credit cards, automobiles or telephones when they were first introduced?

If managers only knew – the more they try to delay the future, the more they will fall behind their …

Posted November 5, 2014 by Joseph Sherren in Clear Direction, Decision Making


A Model to Describe Strategic Planning

When facilitating a strategic planning session, I often describe this model that shows the difference between strategic and operational planning:

First, I draw a horizontal axis that is a timeline from today to the duration of the strategic plan (usually 3-5 years) – along with a vertical axis that represents metrics of success – however an organization quantifies success (Gross Revenue, EBITDA etc.). I then put a mark on “today” and the midpoint of …

Posted October 29, 2014 by Kristin Arnold in Critical Thinking, Facilitation, Uncategorized


Mistakes New Managers Make


As an employee working for a large leadercorporation I had a great desire to be a manager. I dedicated myself to achieving this, and after working hard I succeeded. But, perhaps I tried too hard because I think they tricked me.

I ended up with a group of employees who were constantly complaining, said they worked too hard, did not make enough money, always wanted more time …

Posted October 22, 2014 by Joseph Sherren in Decision Making, Leadership


Cruising to Success: Creating Raving Fans

141010-VikingVarThis past week, we met with our friends and colleagues to review our business plans and revisit the latest trends that are happening in our industry. Since it is much more effective to get out of the office and away from day-to-day matters when doing this kind of strategic thinking, we decided to go big this year and go on …

Posted October 6, 2014 by Joseph Sherren in Communication, Conflict Resolution, Customer Experience, Leadership


How to Deal with Jet Lag

Cruising on the Rhine River with Brian & Barbara Tracy

Cruising on the Rhine River with Brian & Barbara Tracy

I don’t consider myself to be a jet setter or globetrotter – but I do travel a bit through North America and across multiple time zones which, if not managed well, can result in jet lag.

Traveling across one or two time zones is no biggie; …

Posted October 1, 2014 by Kristin Arnold in Atmosphere, Decision Making


Never Say “Never” Again

NeverSayNeverI cringe when I hear team members speak in absolutes.

“Everyone thinks this way….”  Really?  Every single person on the planet?  In the company?  On the team?

“No one will buy that….”  Really?  Not one person will accept that idea or buy that product?   What makes you so omniscient that you absolutely know for sure what every person will do or not do?

“I always do this…”  Really?  You unfailingly, …

Posted September 25, 2014 by Kristin Arnold in Communication, Leadership


10 Ways Team Leaders Can Encourage Robust Dialogue

te_chapter6aI often speak about the importance of “robust dialogue” – a term I picked up after reading Larry Bossidy’s book, Execution. Recently, a company leader and client asked me about how to encourage “robust dialogue.” He had a strong feeling that people were siloed in their functions, keeping their ideas close to their chest and not welcoming new ideas or feedback.

Without getting into the …


7 Key Questions to Punch Up Your Presentation

In my work as a high stakes meeting facilitator, it is not uncommon for a few presentations to be made.  The CEO may talk about the business strategy, the CFO may talk about the financial health of the business, the product leads may talk about the future of the products.

And often times, they ask me for help to punch up their presentation – to make it more …

Posted August 21, 2014 by Kristin Arnold in Boring to Bravo, Leadership, Presentation Skills


Can You Raise the Level of Happiness in the Workplace?

TE_chap33Our happiness comes from three sources: One is our circumstances in life. For instance, if you win a lottery or meet the …

Posted August 12, 2014 by Joseph Sherren in Atmosphere, Communication, Critical Thinking, Leadership

Celebrating 20 Years