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For those of you who recently accepted the responsibility of becoming a manager I applaud you. You have just taken on one of the hardest jobs you will ever experience, yet it also has the potential of being the most rewarding job you will ever have. There is a growing need for exceptional managers like you who genuinely want their staff to succeed and feel excited about coming to work. Continue reading “The Best of Times and The Worst of Times for Managers” »

Today I bring to you a special guest blogger, colleague and friend of mine, Christopher Avery. He’s a fellow thought leader on leadership, teamwork, and change for companies. Since his mission often fits so well with The Extraordinary Team’s, we share his thoughts today on just one entry of his 5 part series on frequently asked questions about teams.

Continue reading “Christopher Avery FAQs: Motivating Others Who Don’t Report to You” »

Your team meets to discuss an important topic or question.  One person comments, another person adds another comment that may or may not support the first comment.  Then a naysayer chimes in and says, “We can’t do that!” and then takes the conversation in a different direction. There appears to be no rhyme or reason and the team usually settles on the idea with the most agreement (the majority) or the loudest voice in the room. And it could happen that the best idea(s) got lost in the discussion. Continue reading “3 Steps to Avoid the Feeding Frenzy of Ideas at Your Next Meeting” »