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I am working on a special project for a client – and one of the team members has very specific opinions about the outcome.  As long as he gets his way, I am sure he’ll be happy.  So he sees his primary job is to influence, cajole, put down, ridicule and downright bully his teammates into agreeing with his original position.

That’s not teamwork.  That’s coercion.

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Kristin speaking about Memorial Day at Maravilla, a Senior Living Community

Kristin speaking about Memorial Day at Maravilla, a Senior Living Community


Since I retired from the US Coast Guard and am now a professional speaker, my mother thought it would be appropriate that I say a few words at the Maravilla Memorial Day event.  The program director gave me 5 minutes to talk about “What Memorial Day Means to Me.”

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I was having lunch with a colleague and the conversation meandered toward the Landmark Forum, a derivative of Werner Erhard’s est (Erhard Seminars Training).  I mentioned that I had taken the course over 15 years ago and that it had made a memorable impact on me. The curious type, he asked, “So what were your top three lessons?” I thought about it for a minute and responded:
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During the first break of a four-hour workshop with over 100 attendees, the meeting planner ran over to me and gave minute-by-minute feedback on what he thought went great and his opinions on what he would have done differently. He did it again at the second break, as well at the end of the session.

As a speaker I certainly appreciate constructive feedback, however, it just wasn’t the right time. This type of unsolicited feedback can be distracting when the focus should be on the attendees and fine tuning the content of the next session.
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