Gorged on Thanksgiving turkey and looking for a “feel good” movie, my family and I went to see the new movie, Enchanted, an amusing collision between animated Disney classics in the real world. The premise is simple: a fairytale Snow … Continue reading

Most people dislike conflict. Rather than express disagreement, they will avoid the issue or withdraw from the conversation. On the other hand, some thrive on conflict and the thrill of victory, bullying their issue until they “win.” Conflict is a … Continue reading

Having spent the month of August on Prince Edwards Island, I was compelled to read the islands’ legendary Anne of Green Gables novels. In book 5, Anne of Ingleside, an energy vampire comes to live with Anne Blythe and her … Continue reading

When your team meets, what’s the overall atmosphere of your meeting room? Does it invite participation or stifle creativity? Although a subtle contribution to team success, meeting room set up is an important, but often forgotten, element to team success. As … Continue reading

Even though you work day in and day out with your team doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to your manners. Without trying to be too prissy (or substitute the Miss Manners’ column), I would like to remind you of … Continue reading